By Paul Bruno

Are SAT scores useful for predicting who will be successful in college?

If you read the headlines last week, you could be excused for thinking that the answer is “no.”

As it turns out, however, those headlines – and even the stories themselves – did not always accurately reflect the study they were discussing.

That study is very interesting. Among other things, it finds that at colleges that do not require SAT or ACT scores, students who choose not to submit their scores do about as well as students who do.

A casual reader could be forgiven for interpreting that to mean that SAT scores “don’t” or “shouldn’t” matter in college admissions.

But that is not what the study found.

Indeed, as Professors Mark Warschauer and Morgan Polikoff pointed out, at various points in the study itself it is clear that in at least some circumstances SAT scores seem to matter a great deal.

For instance, consider this chart from pg. 47 of the study comparing college outcomes at “minority-serving institutions” for students with different high school GPAs and SAT scores:

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In other words, regardless of the GPA with which students enter minority-serving colleges, students with Read the full article

Via: This Week in Education