By dianeravitch

In this post, Jack Schneider explains why he and his wife chose to send their daughter to the public school across the street.

Schneider, a historian of education (like me), knows that many of his friends and acquaintances don’t agree or approve.

They are not bigots, but they nonetheless are uncomfortable when confronted with the opportunity to react with people of a different race or class from themselves.

Yet, says Schneider, that is exactly why he and his wife wanted their child to attend a public school.

They want her to learn to live in the world and not to be afraid of those who are different from her.

Instead of fleeing to the whitest, most affluent school they can find, he says, parents should be fighting for diverse public schools.

He writes:

The purpose of education, we might recall, is to lay the ground so that young people may find their way through the world in whatever manner they wish, and find their place in it whatever that place may be. The aim is not merely to promote the accretion of knowledge — something segregated schools can do as well as integrated schools — but also to expand the mind and nurture the soul. Read the full article

Via: Diane Ravitch