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17 Most Popular Training Software (Free and Paid) Used by Instructors to Make an Impact

We asked instructors around the world about the best training software and LMS systems they use, and here are the results:

Forget office yoga and happy hour, it’s the TRAINING that tech company and startup employees demand. It may be hard to believe, but at any given moment, you or a professional colleague are being trained, or someone in your company is providing training to others (which includes internal or external training for the private sector and government-run organizations). when a trend grows at an exponential rate – the training software to support it will follow.

What is causing an increase in training and use of training software?

Before we dive into the most popular platforms for digitizing R&D and training , let’s understand WHY training is making waves. First of all, it’s really cool to learn . After all, it’s 2019 and cutting-edge technology has become embedded in every part of our lives (smart homes, AI, machine learning…), so tech workers are eager to be in the know – and companies are. more than happy to accommodate. Second, we live in a world where we can easily offend – and be offended – rules and guidelines must be transparent . Lastly, training is increasingly becoming a legal requirement(e.g. But do the numbers match the demand?

Stats behind the training trend

Caco clearly has the soul of a coach.

According to the latest industry report , the tech world’s most authoritative source of data on budgets, staffing, and programs, the total cost of training (for US-based companies) was $87.6 billion! Which means… awkward squatting – until we break down how and where these numbers are being spent :

Training Expense Statistics:

Average training expenses for large companies increased from $17M in 2017 to $19.7M in 2018.

Training spending for mid-sized companies increased from $600,000 to $2.1M in 2018.
Training budget stats :

In 2018, 36% of companies increased their training budgets, while 49% reported that their training budgets stayed the same (hey, no budget cuts!)

Training Hours Statistics:

On average, employees receive 46.7 hours of training per year (excluding vacation, that’s 1 hour/week, per employee).

On average, a company spent $986 on training / per student / per year.